Class CZ:
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Day, Evening and Weekend Courses are available.

CZ Driver Instruction Course:
Persons with an Ontario Class CZ licence is licensed to drive vehicles such as city bus, charter bus, or motor coaches, as well as any vehicle that requires the driver to have a Class DZ or F licence. Full and part-time CZ training courses are available. The course includes our Air Brake, as well as one-on-one in-vehicle training. Both classroom and in-vehicle training is taught by experienced, qualified instructors. Courses are available on a continuous basis throughout the year at our London, Windsor, Hamilton & Niagara locations. Please contact the location nearest you for upcoming course dates & costs.

Class CZ

Applicant’s Checklist For CZ Course:

You must obtain these prerequisites before registering:

At least 18 years old.
Minimum requirement-Ontario Class ‘G’ Driver’s License (Class G1 & G2 are not eligible)
80% is the passing mark on the applicable knowledge tests (note that pursuit of a Class C license must also do Class D rules of the road test).
Ability to meet vision standards.
Satisfactory medical examination report.
You will need to have a special MTO Medical form completed by a doctor. These forms are available free of charge at our offices, or your local Drive Test Centre, or service Ontario.
Purchase a copy of the Ministry of Transportation’s ‘Bus & Truck Driver Handbook’ and read them over in preparation for the Written Test for your beginner’s license. These manuals can be purchased at our offices, License & Vehicle Offices, the Drive Test Centre or your local bookstore. You do not need to purchase the Air Brake Manual, as one is provided at course registration.
These books can also be accessed through the links below at no charge
Take your completed MTO Medical Form to your local Drive Test Centre when you go to write your beginner’s test. (They will keep the medical form so make sure you make copies of it before handing it in)
You will be required to pay the MTO a licensing fee prior to writing the test.
Please write the CD&Z’ endorsement (Air Brake) portion of the test at that time that you are writing the C& D test. Once you pass please ask them for a proof that you passed so we can use it towards our air brake course.

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Before registration bring:
Your beginner’s licence.
A copy of MTO medical
Driver’s abstract
Driver’s licence
Payment for the full tuition amount.
Acceptable forms of payment are cash, certified cheque, bank draft, money order, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Interac is available at our London Office.
Persons being sponsored through a course must bring in their letter of sponsorship at the time of registration (unless your sponsor has previously faxed it to us) If the sponsoring agency will be sending the payment cheque to their client instead of directly to the school, that individual is required to provide us with a post-dated personal cheque for the full tuition amount at the time of registration. This cheque will be held by us until the individual receives the cheque from the sponsoring agency. Individuals are required to bring in the actual cheque from the sponsoring agency as payment of tuition, and the post-dated personal cheque will be returned to them at that time.

At the time of registration we will provide you with home study materials and course manuals that are to be used by you throughout your training, and you will receive your training schedule.

Key Words:
C licence.
CZ licence.
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