Heavy Equipment Operator Programs:
Each course has been designed to give you both hands-on and theory training. Training includes: Trenching, Rollover, Traffic control, Surveying , Blue print reading, WHIMIS, Confined spaces, Surface miner& testing, earthmoving fundamentals, work-site and machine safety, pre-operation inspection, machinery maintenance, soil typing and hands-on equipment operation.

Our hands-on Heavy Equipment Training Program teaches individuals the operation of the equipment, routine maintenance of the machinery, practical field operations of clearing land, excavating, road building and grading. The curriculum includes pre-operational checks of equipment as well as safe operating techniques specific to each machine.

Students are allowed to progress at his/her own rate.
Full-time & Part-time training available.
Other equipment available on request.
Certificates issued upon successful completion.

Training can be customized to meet individual needs, as well as those of employers and industry.

In addition to Heavy Equipment Operation, graduates are also qualified to perform duties in site-preparation, Blue prints reading and understanding, set-up, flaggers, grade checking and survey crews.

Construction companies are constantly in need of well-trained, safety conscious Heavy Equipment Operators.

Actual construction projects are performed throughout the students tenure to train students in a work atmosphere. All projects are completed under the supervision of qualified instructors who advise and guide them, as needed.

Ontario Truck Driving School will give you the skills that you need to secure a good job with competitive wages.

Equipment operators are utilized in many industries such as construction, logging, lumber mills, steel mills, rock and sand quarries, oil, utilities, forestry, landfills, railroads, airports and city and county public works departments.

Ontario Truck Driving School has created a year round learning and training environment providing students with experiences that duplicate situations often encountered after reaching the workplace. We take great pride in the quality of the vocational programs offered and in the skill level and job preparedness our students demonstrate.

This intensive hands-on course provides training in the operation of heavy equipment. The program covers routine maintenance as well as practical field operations including land clearing, grading and road building, Trenching and basement digging using blue print.

The program curriculum includes pre-operational checks of equipment, as well as safe operating techniques specific to each machine. Training is available on Excavators, Backhoes, Bulldozers,Graders, Rock Trucks,Rock Trucks and front end loaders. Progress varies for each person and depends on the individual’s ability to master operating techniques. Upon successful completion of the learning tasks associated with a specific piece of equipment, a certificate will be granted.

Assessments and Certifications for Experienced Operators:
Ontario Truck Driving School also offers evaluations for existing heavy equipment operators and, if qualified, will certify these experienced operators.
Length of instruction varies and depends on the individual’s skills and knowledge.
Graduates of the OTDS Heavy Equipment Operators program will be able to apply for work as operators depending on the machines that they were certified on.

Examples of industry requiring these people would be Municipalities, Construction Companies, Land Clearing and Road building companies, Wind mills. Wages vary, depending on the employer and the machine to be operated; an average salary for a union excavator operator is $18 to $30.00 per hour.

Continuous intake.
Students must provide steel-toed boots, hard hat, hearing protection, safety vest, and gloves.
All books and hand out materials are available at Ontario Truck Driving School.
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