On September 25th the MTO announced changes to the Ontario Extended Semitrailer Trial. On June 29, 2017, MTO held a stakeholder consultation meeting whereby preliminary modifications to trial conditions were agreed upon and supported by all participants as follows:

· Permits would now be based on CVOR, rather than semitrailer Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The permits would list all semitrailer VINs, so participants would be able to increase their number of semitrailers in operation, so long as only 8 trailers (4 during the first year of operation) would be on the road at any time;

· The trial would no longer be restricted to the retail sector; and

· In recognition of industry’s investment in equipment, MTO is allowing a 10 year grandfather allowance at the end of the trial, at the discretion of MTO.

The attached amended Trial Conditions will go into force starting Monday September 25th, 2017. Over the next month, revised permits will be issued to current participants at their request unless the involved participant decides to maintain their current permits until it’s renewal date (at which time the permit would be renewed/replaced with updated permit conditions, as reflected in the amended Trial Conditions).

If you have any questions, querries, or concerns, please do not hesitate contacting Alfonso Corredor (Alfonso.Corredor@ontario.ca) or Joe Lynch joe.lynch@ontario.ca.