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Pardon Services Canada and Ontario Truck Driving School partner for opportunity
May 31, 2016

TORONTO, ON — Pardon Services Canada is pleased to announce a new partnership with the
Ontario Truck Driving School which will give new opportunities to Ontario residents.
One in eight Canadians have a criminal record. The majority of these citizens are at a low risk to
re-offend as their offenses were minor summary offences that are well in the past.
Our new partnership with the Ontario Truck Driving School will help individuals pursue a career
in the trucking industry through Record Suspensions and Waivers. A Record Suspension will
assist these now law-abiding citizens to become bondable and gain the trust needed to take
responsibility for large amounts of consumer goods. Every year, thousands of Canadians apply
for Record Suspensions (formerly called pardons), which will seal their records and allow them
to gain new opportunities in employment and travel. Those with records must maintain a clean
record for at least five years and demonstrate good conduct in order to qualify. As well, US
Waivers will allow them to travel into the United States and apply for a FAST Card.
Training new workers in the transportation industry is good for business. In fact, the Conference
Board of Canada is estimating a shortage of 25,000 to 33,000 drivers by 2020.
Record Suspensions are a tool in the community policing framework as they assist citizens with
rehabilitation and take away the stigma of a criminal record, says Chuck Mercier, vice president
of Pardon Services Canada and former deputy chief of Durham Regional Police Service.
Individuals who are able to participate fully in the community are at reduced risk to offend.
“Record Suspensions and US Waivers are the final stage in the rehabilitation process for people
with criminal records,” says Mercier. “We are pleased to be a partner with a community-minded
training institute, Ontario Truck Driving School, which is supporting rehabilitation and helping
Ontarians get back on track.”
Pardon Services Canada is a national legal services company established in 1989. We process most of the Record Suspension (Pardon) and US Entry Waiver applications in Canada.

Ontario Truck Driving School is among the largest training programs available in the industry with nine locations in London, Hamilton, Chatham, Kitchener, Brantford, Sarnia, Owen Sound,

Niagara-on- the-Lake and Windsor.
Chuck Mercier, Vice-President
Pardon Services Canada
289-404- 1832
Gus Rahim, President
Ontario Truck Driving School
519-858- 9338 Ext 227