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I successfully challenged the Class A Road Test yesterday and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a job well done. I appreciate your willingness to provide this customized, cost-effective training for myself and my classmates at Conestoga College.  I’m sure the College looks forward to continuing this advantageous relationship in the future. 

I’d also like to give special mention to your instructors Chantal and Gary, with whom I had the pleasure of training.  Although I spent the bulk of my time with Chantal, they both were highly skilled, easy to understand, but also very patient and friendly, things that I consider extremely important.  Please pass along my compliments to them.  As I won’t be driving on a regular basis for some time, over the course of the next 2 years I intend to return for some refresher training to improve my cornering and backing skills.  I look forward to working with them in the future. 

Reflecting on my road test experience, I would suggest that if you have the opportunity to speak with DriveTest or MTO officials, ask them to be more consistent.  From personal observation, it appears that examiners are not all following the same script, expecting different procedures during the pre-trip sequence especially during the trailer “hook” where the trailer is held in place while the two units are coupled.  As well, it appears that the examiners are not consistent in how they delineate the test area with traffic cones.  I’m sure if you ask your instructors they can expand on my comments because we had several discussions on the matter and I’m sure instructors and students alike would appreciate clarification. 

Thanks again and enjoy the holiday season,


Andrew W.

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The training went really well. I tried to stay out of it after initially discussing what we needed. Nigel periodically listened in and said that Calvin was tough on them when he needed to be and very thorough with the material. I found him pleasant, confident, knowledgeable and easy to work with. One of the students mentioned that Melissa often gave slight corrections while they were doing task as opposed to after. But this might be his style. [This is indeed Calvin’s approach.] I will mention that next year we could maybe spend 15 mins going over the students so that I could have a rating on them as to what they do well and what they don’t. When we asked Calvin said that they did well and were okay to drive but perhaps a bit more specifics would help. [We now collaborate with firms to provide greater reporting on student performance in accordance with each company’s internal assessment protocol.]

Thanks for all your help, your excellent program and trainer. We are looking forward to using you again next year.

Pam L.

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